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Space activities

(weather satellites and astronomy) 

and other things on the way!



My interest in space was sparked by the launch of Sputnik-1 when I was a very young lad. Having been involved in many space/astronomical activities since 1957, (at first, as an amateur, later as a professional, and now again as an amateur), I encourage a public interest in these topics.




I write a monthly column ('Satellites' View') for Monitoring Monthly about weather satellites.  The main club for UK weather satellite enthusiasts is GEO - the Group for Earth Observation.


My favourite records are Strawberry Fields Forever and Itchycoo Park (proper version released in 1967 by the Small Faces).  The fact that I lived close to John Lennon's home in Menlove Avenue and went to the same school has no bearing...!

I am also a 'Hancock' fan (for those old enough to remember comedian Tony Hancock) and was delighted to find the web page: The Tony Hancock Appreciation Society - to be well worth a visit.


There will also be a section here about Plymouth College of Further Education and the way they treated me and threatened me - facts all hidden by the local media because of heavy advertising revenue.  Also to be revealed in due course will be the way that Unison turned a blind eye to this corruption, how the ‘Big Issue’ reacted to a letter from me about corruption, and from government bodies when I blew the whistle.

Lawrence Harris